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These APIs are managed by YMasterSk. You can use them for free. Below you can find all APIs and how to use them.

Minecraft Server Status

Usage https://api.ymastersk.net/status/[ipaddress]/[port]. Replace [ipaddress] with Minecraft Server IP Address. If you have a port, you can add it with replacement [port].


  • Without port: https://api.ymastersk.net/status/mc.domain.tld
  • With port: https://api.ymastersk.net/status/mc.domain.tld/25566

Proxy Checker

Usage https://api.ymastersk.net/proxy/[ipaddress]. Replace [ipaddress] with some ip address. You'll get result if ip address is proxy or no.

IP Address or Domain Lookup

Usage https://api.ymastersk.net/iplook/[ipaddress/domain]. Replace [ipaddress/domain] with some ip address or domain.

Minecraft Skins

You can use 3 types: avatar, skin and body.

You can also put a .png at the end of the url e.g: https://api.ymastersk.net/skin/avatar/[name].png or https://api.ymastersk.net/skin/avatar/[name]/[size].png.

Name Path Output
Avatar https://api.ymastersk.net/skin/avatar/[name]/[size] output
Skin https://api.ymastersk.net/skin/skin/[skin] output
Body https://api.ymastersk.net/skin/body/[name]/[size] output

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